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could be in for a bumpy ride, weather could throw a monkey wrench into the travel. we have an ap to make it shoot. >>> frozen runways and mounting snow, winter traffic can be messy and all it takes is a snowstorm to trigger ripple effects. while a smart phone can't dial up mother nature it can make interruptions more tolerable. there are aps that help. one helps out map out coffee and other thing closest to the gate and has reviews. travel nerd has information in case weather keeps you grounded. if there is an overnight stay an hotel overnight has discounts in major cities. and on the ground making an airport pickup, don't get stuck circling while a delayed traveler is in the sky. the iphone ap tracks and tells a driver when to leave to ensure an ontime pickup. >>> and speaking of applications that make your life easier, down load the abc 2 weather ap. everything you need to get live radar information. search for abc 2 in your app store. >>> and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >>> clear and chilly night. breezy conditions. 37 at bw "i" and winds are west, northwest at 14. it has
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placed at 129 intersections. 29 to be installed in the next 2-3 years. how aps are prioritized? crosswalk length program for visually impaired. city/public programs. proximity to transit facility. speed limit. examples of upcoming aps installation locations. 19th ave. and l inconln way. 25th ave. at - . sometimes people cannot hear the countdown. these devices can be adjusted by staff. number two, complete streets. this project is in early-stage. seeks to implement aesthetic and safety improvements or users of -- street between mcallister and union streets. in accordance with the city transit policy, improvements will primarily focus on - polk street. it is slated to be resurfaced and repaved sometime in 2015. saturday, december 1, 2012, an open house will reveal conceptual designs. time and location to be determined. the next sfmta meeting is scheduled for thursday, december 20, 2012, at sfmta headquarters located at -- the corner of south and -- 7th floor. i wish everybody a happy thanksgiving. thank you. >> chair: we have - we are skipping down public comment. seeing none
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this is an a.p. report about somebody close to the negotiations who is reporting that this might be on the table. >> you believe it. don't pretend you don't believe it. >> cenk, this is what's being reported by a.p. secondhand. there is nothing in front of the congress or harry reid. >> cenk: get beyond that argument, because it's nonsense. >> it's not nonsense. >> they put it out to the a.p. >> they may put it out to rally the democrats against what the republicans are doing. [ laughter ] >> you can laugh, you can do your fake, false laugh at me right there if you want. the point is there is a tactic. the white house can leak something so as to get the people in congress all of whom tailed are saying absolutely not to go into social security. richard durbin is. yes, they are. >> cenk: your theory is the obama administration or dems leaked this saying hey we're going to cut social security so that they rally's the democratic base saying i hate you guys, don't cut social security. >> i'm infant as i land like you right now. none of this is fact right now. if they're going after so
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computer-generated characters, not just gollan, but king kong, caesar from "planet of the apes" and of course abraham lincoln. you really believe it's daniel day lewis. of course, hobit heads like me can't wait for this movie and luckily, we don't have to, thanks to the wizards at denny's who are bringing the spirit of middle earth to the middle of the i-80 route 126 interchange. lord jim. >> first, i will have the skillet. next, i shall secure some hobit holes with the side of a pumpkin pancake. that should hold me until second breakfast. >> eat like a hobit, only at denny's. >> stephen: yes, eat like a hobit, because at denny's, you can't eat like a human. ( laughter ). obviously, obviously, folks tolken was an oxford professor who with the simple fantasy novel exploredded link between language and culture and the shared mythological themes. he probably gets the gandolf-gobble-melt. remember to slather it with gandolf gravy. or maybe get the ring burger, which the legends say will turn your intestines into ghoul ( laughter ) so be sure to try every hobit meal. they're a deli
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. >> and to save nine humans to use the product but a and the ap -- epa to label the pesticide. >> is good for identified this. john: it kills a pass. >> the epa bacteria is a fancy word for a germ is considered a past. then these in midges of ddt. >> johnson & johnson and? >> quite an extensive use of. maybe they say tt publicly but to predict it will happen in the future. finally after 40 years they make a decision to go against them. in terms of planning commit makes sense to assume after 40 years they may never make a decision if they do, it may not be in their favor. is a safe product and it is then your toothpaste. john: your tax dollars at work? >> more horrible examples of government good intention gone wrong. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! male announcer ] lease a 2013 glk350 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. john: go
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side with a consumer lawsuit. the suit is against baby matters, they make nap nanny and .ap nanny chill they say the baby recliner is and poses a risk for injury for infants. five babies have died and more than 70 report have been linked nny.ap napp the manufacturer says it used properly, the product is safe. citigroup is preparing to lay off more than 11,000 jobs. they are expected to hit banking the hardest. that means some bank locations will be closed. the company saying that the companies and europe and asia are the ones that are most likely targeted. while citibank makes cuts, starbucks on the other hand is -- to expandtand next five years. me thousand add .tores across the globe 1500 of those will be here in the u.s. >> i cannot believe it. >> i know. you already have them across the street from each other. [laughter] it has been nice and above average. a cold front came through this warning. temperatures will drop tonight. go back into the 60's for the weekend. i have a great time lapse to share. this is frederick douglas elementary school in leesburg. watch as the cold front co
of the leadership. the headlines and the ap has the headline fiscal cliffs appear to be stalled and the hill's headline edge towards the deal and deficit reduction negotiations. are both true? >> both are true and you have to look at the totality of the story. today is wednesday and you and i have been having this conversation for a while. you have some type of deal as we are headed to this weekend. this is about the give-and-take. we saw the white house who reported they went from at one point $6 trillion in revenue that they wanted. down to 1.4. i wouldn't be surprise fed that continues to go down. the most important thing as we pointed out, both sides continue to talk. even if the phone calls right now are not all that pleasant, even if they are tense, the fact that they are still talking is a pretty good sign that a deal can get done. >> realistically would we get to the point where they would not talk? especially on the tax rate issue alo alone. the evidence from the polling and point it a solid proof of at least what the american people expect on that issue. >> that's right. a lot of t
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a la s ga nas d e l le gan a a u r a u n a cu er d o . >> que aps ari pas a ria Ía s i e l p h ch residente hugo chavez no ll e ga de sp ue És de su c u ar t a o p er aio n c i on Ón en c u b a ? b u buen o e n el go bierno d ice n que e el p c h h c h residente hugo chavez es t a e en re c u pe rac o n i n on Ón. se e s per a co n tr aro i o a com como se tr a t o a n ter i o r me nt e es a >> a contaraiortioio a como se trarto anteri anterior memente la emnfermeda d ahor ahora el gobierno habla abiertam abiertamente del la condiconesiones del phchresidente hugo chavez. >> la revoclucluciÓn chavista sin c chavezch chavez es inviable. >> y todod s en lee, pal paiÍs se repgtprepregunt preguntanr que pasariÍa si el pchchch presidente hugo chavez falta. >> bueno ashtyahasya eta el 10 de enero to tomaria el poder en vice pdte presidente luego se llamarina en 30 dÍas a una reeleccion. >> algunos dice n que sin chavez todo lemejoprarraria en el apispaÍs. >> y veremos enl impoactacto qie ue tuvo jrr jenni rivera en mujreseres abusadas abusadas. >> y esto es >> no
standards test, ap testing, sat. these are very important parts of just kind of growing up as a student now in our kind of complex world. but it's nice on occasion to kind of step back, and remind us of what life is really all about. and this idea of really teaching kids that human rights is not just something that lives in a far-off, distant land, but something that they need to shepherd themselves and protect in their own communities. so i couldn't be more proud of the work we do in regards to the universal declaration of human rights. i cordially invite you, a little less than 350 days from now, to attend our next assembly. it was really an incredible experience for all of us. there was a moment when we had our choir sing the last selection from "les mis." that was enough for me and i had to step out and compose myself because it was such a moving experience. i did bring with me today oxy, who is a senior and who was our master of ceremonies at the assembly and i wanted her to talk a little bit about her experience with the universal declaration of human rights. >> hi, guys. i don't kn
or is it ape lump of coal. find out next. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management >> we worry back and santa informers came bearing gifts for steve forbes but will he like the gift. first to emac. magelon midstream partners and this company moves fuel around. >> that's right. they had the biggest pipe line system in the united states with acess to refining capacity. this is a big player. >> steve hold up the stocking you can stuff your stocking with magelan. >> yes, yes. this one i would, david. i think we are going to need more and more energy and the good thing we'll have energy boom and high prices and productions and got a yield of above zero percent. i am don't put it in the 401 k. it is immensely complicated for tax purposes. put it in your personal portfolio. >> you know he is a kid at
honored as the ap male athlete of the year. the only men to make it more than twice are tiger woods, lance armstrong, and michael jordan. so phelps, pretty good company. >> thanks. >> and we're going to see a lot of rain over the next few days. if you have travel plan, take your time!
and in city hall and in the hearts and minds of san franciscans. let me mention ap geny and found an important bank and the inventor what we call the micro credit and helped the city recover from the big earthquake of 1906. guy mo roller who was the founder, established the opera in san francisco, by the way there's an italian directing the opera and laurence fergetty and 93 and good friend of the community. he is the father of the b generations and the guy that started the culture revolution of the 60's and 70's so in many ways italians have made lasting contribution to this city and the silicon valley. there is an important engineer that developed the first micro prosser for intel, so it's a tremendous foundation to celebrate italian culture 2013. also i was reminded by our pastors that san francisco gets its name from an italian man and holly man. it is noted. >> >> for kindness and compassion and generosity and i think these are traits that this city has adopted and made its own traits , so this is not to be under scored, not to be forgotten. what are we going to do in the c
to get into play for poem to commit this of a crume . nyou are also ape min >> brian:er and what do you say to the families of the kids. >> there are no worfs. my experience 30 years ago is a one. more you hug people and get close to them and less you say and shed real tears with them. what the president did in the podium was the most powerful thing he could have done . he shed tears and go to the new testament, the shortest verse in all of the bible. jesus wept. america wept. governor mike huckabee, good to have you around and tharching you. >> thank you, john. >> jenny. >> continuing coverage throughout the day in the dead low shooting in sandy hook community. and community of 30,000 people. 20 families insurancing the loss of a child this holiday season. we'll bring you the latest on fox news ahead. sometimes what we suffer from is bigger than we think ... like the flu. with aches, fever and chills- the flu's a really big deal. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus a
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] >> stephanie: aim right? >> they are going to go ape dump. >> stephanie: two huge surprise celebrity guests. >> i'm going to go ape dump meeting the people. >> stephanie: this is where you say is it the president? >> is it the president? >> stephanie: it is not the president. he doesn't have to worry about getting reelected. why not doing the tea bagging demonstration demonstration. >> what hilary? >> stephanie: it could be. oh looky here kimberly sent us a picture of her with the president. >> awe! >> stephanie: steph row c meet and grope. and yes, president obama does smell like cookies and freedom. that was one aisha tyler quotes. >> stephanie: yes. >> we laugh every single time. >> maybe she is doing a john boehner impression. >> stephanie: something like that. >> four years ago we witnessed the first inauguration of president obama. this time around stephanie miller and her team of two-term comics are coming to make this a party d.c. will never forget. on january 19th just two days before obama's second nomination, the sexy liberal tour will perform live at the warne
reporting any information about the guns involved. >> one second on that. in addition, the a.p. is reporting police have ryan lanza's brother in custody. and this is -- we wouldn't make too much of that. in a case like this you would take that person into custody and start those interviews. the question is where did they pick him up and is there any involvement beyond the fact he's his brother and they want information from him. but as you know we've heard echoes throughout the day of a second person being in custody. that may be just to illicit information to his brother. too early to tell. >> o'donnell: thank you for sharing those details that the associated press is reporting his brother is in custody. a detail in this continuing investigation. i want to show everybody now live the white house press briefing room. the brady briefing room where the president is expected to appear 3:15 and will address the nation in what is this school shooting, this massacre in newtown, connecticut, the second deadliest school shooting in american history. we will then hear from the governor of connecticut
masacre de la escuela. >>> el niÑo de 7 aÑos ap pÉrez en la foto que inmortal zÓ la tragedia. >>> Él asume lo que estÁ pasando y tiene sus momentos, anoche me dijo que tenÍa miedo de regresar a la escuela. >>> las her dlaidz matanza han afectado enormemente a las primeros que acudieron a socorrer a las vÍctimas en medio de el acto de violencia. >>> empezamos dando aconseje prai que fue una escena muy horrible, no es algo que ven todos los dÍas. >>>. >>> yo creo que es momento de cambio, porque no puede ser mÁs horrible lo que estÁ pasando en toda la naciÓn, y bueno la intenciÓn mÍa ahora es dirigirme a todos los congresistas, legisladores que quien que escuchar y escuchar esto. >>> bien marÍa celeste y josÉ aunque no hay fecha definida de cuando los niÑos retosrÁn a la casa, sabemos que estÁn estableciendo una escuela en el pueblo vecino de monrou para lo que sea similar a la que ellos caÍn ahora es la escena de uno de otros peores crÍmenes de esta naciÓn. >>> josÉ y marÍa celeste. >>> gracias. >>> y entre tanto autoridades descartan que a damos lanza estuviera drogado c
is kindergarten through fourth grade. >> this is reported. ape dispatcher said that one teacher has been transported to a nearby hospital in danbury with a gunshot wound. >> ahead of him it is difficult to see the wat them that was responding. those vehicles raced from newtown from all over the state of connecticut. >> we heard numerous reports that one gunman maybe two. and two reports said that one gunman may be dead . it is a fast-move fluid situation in the school . >> i think it is it important on a day like today to view this as i know the president, as a father does and i the father and others who partners certain lie do, which -- other parents certainly do. feeling enormous sympathy for the families that are affected. and do everything we can. >>s are telling fox nuse that 26 people are dead at this time and eight adults including the shooter and 18 children . >> is a gun shot and so they are trying to figure out what happened . we tell them what happened in the deat as and it makes it much worse. >> the shooter may a young man 20 years old and he may live in new jersey and there
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